In July 2007, long before Instagram, Justin Gignac and I had a painting project called Wants For Sale. We painted things that we wanted, then sold the paintings for the price of the real items. Buy “A Wii” for $270.92 or a “Slice of Pepperoni” for $3. When the painting sold we bought the thing. 

In the first two weeks, over 40,000 people visited the site. Over 3,000 people joined our mailing list, where they were notified when new paintings were up for sale, although usually all sold out within 10 seconds. The project has been featured in Daily Candy, NPR, GOOD, The New York Times Magazine as well as blogs and newspapers worldwide. We fulfilled over 65 wants, including a plate of Buffalo Wings and a full Vegas Vacation.

We also created where we do the same thing, but for charity.